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VoiceOver skips revealed content when using virtual cursor


From: Robert Fentress
Date: May 21, 2018 3:46PM

Hoping you folks can give me some idea of what is going on with the
following page

It is a simple demonstration of a drawer pattern (just a *disclosure widget*,
really). The issue I'm encountering is that in *VoiceOver on MacOS High
Sierra*, after clicking the button that causes the drawer to appear, *when
I attempt to use the virtual cursor* (VO+right arrow) to read the menu that
appears, *it skips the revealed content entirely*. This pattern works
acceptably well on other screen readers, even VoiceOver on iOS, but
VoiceOver on MacOS High Sierra has this weird behavior, in my opinion.

I made a screen capture video demonstrating what VoiceOver is doing and
explaining what is going on with the code, if that'll help:

I've only got automatic captions so far-sorry. They're quite *amazingly*
accurate, though, aside from the punctuation.

*Any ideas on how to fix this*, short of setting focus to the revealed
content explicitly, which I'd rather avoid?


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