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Re: Health care accessibility


From: glen walker
Date: May 25, 2018 11:25AM

A few brief comments.

Emily - Do you see problems in health care websites any different than
other websites? Are there challenges unique to the health care industry?
I would think health care would have the same semantic problems as any
other site.

Ryan - I worked for SAS for 30 years, and while it can be challenging to
learn how to program in SAS to crunch numbers, the output generated from
SAS is extremely accessible. If you generate html or pdf output, it is
semantically tagged. I specifically worked on this project.

Diane - While it might feel surprising that health care professionals might
not know about accessible website practices, after all, they have to
medically work with individuals with disabilities, right? I wouldn't be
too hard on them. The accessibility field, especially with regards to web
content, is still newish to the general population, even if we've been
working in the area for a decade or two. Even if they were clueless, I
think it's a win if they were willing to be educated. Heck, I've been
working in this area a long time and every time I learn something new, I
feel like I was clueless.