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Re: PDF/UA Quandary 1 - Bullets in LBL tags - Does this interrupt current expected screenreader flow of text?


From: Duff Johnson
Date: May 29, 2018 3:42PM

> On 2018-05-29 1:15 PM, Duff Johnson wrote:
>>> As my understanding of the PDF/UA specification increases, I'm starting to run into some small-detail technical quandaries where following the spec to the letter seems to slightly degrade the experience of an actual screen reader.
>> Let's be specific: it's the shortcomings of the screen-reader, not the PDF, that's degrading the experience.
> Fair enough. And the same argument would hold for my "Quandary 2" about Links and References in the TOC as well.
> I haven't been in the habit of reviewing bugs or posting feature requests to Freedom Scientific or the NVDA team, since I'm not always confident that my periodic screen reader testing as a sighted PDF remediator matches the needs or experiences of daily users.

Doesn't stop you from posing the question… the more precise the better, and you know how to do that.

> But I guess I should start if I want my (hopefully) standards-compliant PDF work to be properly appreciated!

Exactly! The worst thing is to "fix" your file to "conform" with a reader software's bug, only to have the bug get fixed. No-one should accept such a world! Insist on standards-compliance up-front! There's even a requirements spec for AT in PDF/UA, should the vendors choose to look…