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RE: "New" Accessibility Validator


From: Randy Pearson
Date: Oct 25, 2003 11:33AM

> There does seem to be trend for vendors of accessibility checking
> software to add additional features associated with usability
> and other matters to enhance the value, to make it appear more useful and
> different from other vendor's software, perhaps hoping to make more
> sales thereby, although these additional features sometimes
> contravene workarounds designers and developers come up with to enhance
> accessibility while retaining a graphical design, by
> reporting them as an error, or as a problem that should be addressed. I am
> sure it is possible to create a complex page that passes all these
> accessibility checkers's automated routines due to bugs and
> these added features.

For HTML validation, we've started using CSE's HTML Validator Pro. It has a
pretty nice way of organizing the validation messages you get. First of all,
there is an Accessibility tab in the results pane that lets you see just
those messages. Messaged are both grouped and catgeorized by type. The
groups include Tips, Section 508, WCAP Priority 1, Priority 2, and Priortiy
3. Each individual message is categrozied by type as Error, Warning, Message
or Commment. If you find a message you don't like, you can right click it
and either globally turn the message off, or change its type.

In addition to accessibility, it has many other areas it checks. Obviously
it validates HTML, but it also includes search engine advise, style tips,
etc. The product seems to have a very nice way of keeping messages out of
the way unless you are focusing on that area (such as accessibility).

Now, I'll eradily admit that I don't know how the accessibility rules engine
stacks up with the others being discussed here, but in general I am quite
pleased with this product so far. If anyone is interested:


-- Randy

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