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RE: Longdesc vs d


From: John Foliot - WATS.ca
Date: Oct 28, 2003 11:10AM

Hi Ed,

Jukka's point about multiple D Links is valid if you plan on having more
than one image on a "page", but outside of that, providing d links to my
mind still has some merit. Depending on the amount of flexibility you have
(i.e. once you understand the rules, can you break some?) might I suggest
you look at the following: http://wats.ca/resources/longdesc/31 which
demonstrates implementation of LONGDESC as well as a method of providing d
links to *some* users.

Web Accessibility Specialist / Co-founder of WATS.ca
Web Accessibility Testing and Services
http://www.wats.ca 1.866.932.4878 (North America)

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From: ED COHEN [mailto: <EMAIL REMOVED> ]
Sent: Tuesday, October 28, 2003 9:21 AM
Subject: Longdesc vs d

Hello All,
This group is so helpful!

Our state agency is moving towards producing 508 compliant pages. We are
also working up a plan to repair the almost 10,000 old non-compliant pages
we currently offer.

Our question is how long, if at all, should we plan to use the "d" for
complex graphics, since newer screen readers do support the "longdesc" tag?

Should we be concerned about consistency... offering the d on some pages
but not on others?

How are others dealing with this issue?

Thank you all very much for your feedback.

Ed Cohen
Web Accessibility Manager
Indiana Department of Environmental Manage