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Re: which campuses offer on-line courses that are accessible to blind or deaf?


From: Wayne Dick
Date: Nov 2, 2003 4:21PM

Call for good ideas.

I am really interested in the state of the art in preparing accessible
mathematics, science and technology. I'm not talking about high school
stuff. Real matricies with rational function entries. Serious special
symbols nested as deep as you want. Anything TEX can produce.

Right now we are trying to get much of our curriculum on line. The liberal
arts are pretty easy to slap up, but mathematics, engineering, chemestry,
physics, statistics etc. are hard to get in accessible format. What we
really need is a system that makes it easier to produce accessible say
MathML than it would be to produce PDF or text with imbedded graphical
renderings of formulas.

On the user side. What kind of voice translators exist for MathML? Also,
are there products that help to resize and reset spacing with the same
flexibility you have in say a word processor?

I can't see how realistic accessible college curriculum can proceed without
this problem being solved.

I would apreciate any help. I'm really interested in software you have used
on know works from someone who has used it to prepare accessible science.


Wayne Dick

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