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Relating answer options to their question


From: Isabel Holdsworth
Date: Aug 31, 2018 3:24AM

Hi all,

On one of our pages there's a heading, a question and a set of
checkboxes that allow the user to choose one or more answers from a
list of four or five possibles.

We've been advised that not wrapping the whole thing in a fieldset
with the question as a legend could be a WCAG2 fail (I'm not sure
under which guideline).

As a screenreader user, I find that this sort of mark-up can be
intrusive, as I have to listen to the whole question before hearing
the label on the first checkbox. Also, long legends are notoriously
difficult to style upp using CSS.

Is there any other, less intrusive, way of associating a question with
its possible answers, or is the fact that the question appears just
before the options in the DOM enough to create an implicit

Thanks as always for any thoughts on this.

Cheers, Isabel