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Re: Relating answer options to their question


From: Guy Hickling
Date: Aug 31, 2018 6:23PM

I would like to take up the point of very long fieldset legends because
this does bother me every time I see it, and I think we could look for some
alternative solution without necessarily going down the ARIA route.

Where a group of checkboxes or radios has a very long text above the group,
but no fieldset, I have experimented with recommending as the solution that
the developers should choose a few words that correctly describe the group
and could therefore be the group label (keeping it to less than 5 words if
possible. These words will usually occur in the long text already shown on
screen.) Add these chosen words (visually on screen) above the very long
text as a visual label for the whole group. Then use them as the fieldset
legend. Just leave the long text as is, not using it for the legend. This
offers a way to have very short fieldset legends, while still showing the
desired long text before the group of checkboxes/radios.

I would be interested in people's comments on this.

Guy Hickling