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articulate try mode


From: K Frost
Date: Sep 27, 2018 11:06AM

Hello all,

I am looking for some help determining the best course of action.

I created a software training in Articulate Storyline that has three
segments. A show mode, try mode (which involves hotspots) and a pdf job aid
that includes the step-by-step that is demonstrated and practiced in the
show-me try-me with some additional context and more in-depth information.
Regarding accessibility, I am wondering if the pdf alone is the best option
to present the information in an alternative and accessible format. Is it
equitable even though it contains additional information? .

I considered adding voice-overs or making a transcript for the show-me but
that seems a horrible idea. Picture this: "the curser moves to the top left
corner over the drop down arrow next to the home tab". This voice-over
would not provide a non-visual user any usable information. The whole
sequence is only helpful for someone who is planning to use the mouse to
perform the functions. As a large part of my audience will be doing just
that, I don't want to exclude information that would help them accomplish
their task but I do want to provide the information in multiple ways to
benefit multiple users.

Do I need to eliminate the show-me/try-it portion of the training and
provide only the pdf? If not, what is the best approach for alternatively
representing the information. Is the step-by-step in the pdf adequate? Or
should there be another document that only goes through the step-by-step as
described in the video? Is there a better solution I have not explored?
Thank you for your help in trying to find the most accessible solution!

Kim Frost