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Re: Mixed purpose button bars


From: glen walker
Date: Oct 30, 2018 10:48AM

Sounds like all of them should be buttons since they perform an action.

Your first item, "display a contents page", is hard to tell just from that
description, but it sounds like an action is performed so a button is
probably appropriate for that.

I'm guessing the font size button would actually be two buttons? One for
increasing and one for decreasing (in case you made it too big by accident).

For the last one, "close the window", are you closing a modal dialog,
closing a tab in the browser, or closing the browser itself? In all cases,
the 'close' would be a button.

Even though "go back in history" and "go forward in history" navigate you
to another page, they're not really links. They perform an action so
should also be buttons.