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Re: Media player/recorder accessibility


From: JP Jamous
Date: Nov 15, 2018 6:39AM


I prefer that the Play button toggles between Play and Pause. That way, it
does announce to the user what action is to take based on what the player is

Having a stop button might be optional. In the case of Youtube, I just pause
a video and that is the same to me as stop. Less buttons to navigate through
and performs 2 different tasks. It pauses the playing, which allows me to
continue from where I left off, or it pauses the playing to allow me to read
the page or close it.

I have to agree with Glen on the progress bar and specifically the record
button. Why would you want to play if you are recording?

Also, having both present will be based on what your app specifications are.
If the app supposed to play a video by obtaining a URL from the user and you
want to capture the audio to save it, then yes you can use the record
button. However, this would have to run on the client and have access to the
sound card or extract the audio from the downloaded track.

I think if you give us more info on what the purpose is for the record
button, we can give you a better answer.

JP Jamous
Senior Digital Accessibility Engineer
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Hi all,

I'm creating an all-purpose media player and audio capture component, and I
have a few quick questions:

Is it a good idea to use a single button for Play/Pause, or are separate
buttons preferable so long as the focus is managed? Is it easier for users
with cognitive issues or learning disabilities if both buttons are always

What's the best way to implement a volume control? I'm guessing a vertical
slider with ten stop points, but is there a better way?

If the user is playing and recording at the same time, would a tabbed
interface be the best way to provide access to the player and recorder, or
would it be better to present them in separate sections with H1 or H2
headers? This approach could be clumsy for sighted keyboard users, who would
still have to tab their way through a bunch of controls to get to the one
they need.

Thanks as always, Isabel