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Re: objective testing for applicants


From: JP Jamous
Date: Nov 16, 2018 6:42AM

Tools, tools, tools. Every company wants to automate the process. Smiles.

There is more to a candidate than just the WCAG skills.

What is the job description?
Will the candidate be working with clients?
What is that candidates collaboration skills are?
What about his professional speaking and writing skills?
Is the candidate able to handle customer service, because he or she will be
dealing with the client whether while providing a report or consultation
throughout the SDLC?
Is the candidate willing to put his or her ego at the door and work with
peers in a collaborative manner?

All of those personal traits and much more are not looked at carefully when
looking for any employee especially in this area, because the supply is

I interviewed multiple candidates throughout my career and found not not to
be fit to represent me or my team. Some of them had outstanding WCAG and
development skills, but that was it. Professional skills were terrible.

I would suggest you look at the whole package and not just focus on a tool
that would assess the candidate's WCAG or technical knowledge. That is the
easy part. Through a quick interview, you can identify if the candidate is
qualified or not. Yet, to know the personality of that candidate is quite
hard, because some are good at concealing that during an interview.

Just food for thought.

JP Jamous
Senior Digital Accessibility Engineer
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Subject: [WebAIM] objective testing for applicants

I am currently helping Makpar fill a couple of accessibility roles. As part
of this process, they would like to have the applicants complete a base
knowledge set test to help their decision process. Do you have any good
ideas on where they could get or look for a tool that will give them a good
understanding if their applicants truly understand Web accessibility? Do you
think these types of tools truly help locate qualified individuals? Thank
you very much for your help with this question and the previous guidance on
how to locate qualified applicants.