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Re: How to write alt-text when the image doesn't match text.


From: Swift, Daniel P.
Date: Nov 30, 2018 5:50AM

Personally, I'd take the discrepancy back to the originator and ask them to correct it and then create the alt text to match the image.

Dan Swift
Senior Web Specialist
Enterprise Services
West Chester University

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If an image/table doesn't match the written text, do you "correct" the error by describing the image correctly? Or do you explain the discrepancy between the text and image/table. If so, how would you indicate this in the long alt-text description?

Here is a hypothetical example of a long alt-text description:
     Text: The map shows three regions of temperate rain forest located along the West Coast of the United States.
     Figure 1 shows map indicating two major examples of temperate rain
forest: Northern California, Southern Washington.

Thanks all!