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The ITIC updated VPATs


From: Jeff Kline
Date: Dec 20, 2018 1:41PM

Is it just me, or does anyone else think that there are too many, "audience specific" versions of the updated VPAT form.

I am trying to understand why we need separate templates for WCAG, EN, 508, and International. I still see many manufacturers (mfrs) struggling with just the basics of completing a VPAT 1.0 (Yes....sad but true) so sending them out to the ITI VPAT page to choose from multiple versions of the form is problematic and will likely introduce additional complexity and confusion.

Also, it seems to me that, many IT mfrs operate internationally and would need the EN section completed anyway, so why make it a separate template? This potentially forces mfrs to maintain multiple versions of ACRs for a single product when one would suffice. (With added pain and cost I might add) If I put my mfr business hat back on, I know that as a mfr, I would not be very happy about this.

On the procurement site, there is also the possibility that the procuring entity could receive different versions of the form from different mfrs, which could make it more difficult to compare the offerings.

Why there isn't a single version that incorporates the criteria from all of the standards now covered. Wait! There is one! It's the International Version!!

For US procurement organizations, public or private, they can point directly to the International (full) Version on the ITI website, and specify in the solicitation, SOW, etc., which sections of that form are required to be completed. For example, Texas would require the WCAG A, AA, and applicable sections of 508. (depending on the type of product or service being procured) That way, mfrs could use the single version of the form for all their business needs including the EN stuff, which we in the US can just ignore if its there.

So, wouldn't it make sense for ITI to publish only the "universal" (International) version or am I missing something?

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