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Associating Errors From Wave Plug-in to the HTML Source


From: Kelly Ford
Date: Dec 27, 2018 5:03AM


I don't use the Wave plug-in for browsers that often but was trying to
compare results with someone else who was using the tool. I'm trying to
figure out how to locate the relevant part of the HTML for the errors that
the plug-in flags. I'm wondering if someone has a pointer on how you do
this with JAWS, NVDA or another screen reader.

When I run the tool on a page, I get the resulting page text marked up with
the notes about different items that the plug-in has flagged. For example
using the tool on www.acb.org <http://www.acb.org>; , I get an error
indicating that there is a missing form label on the edit box. This appears
in the way the screen readers present the page immediately after the edit
box as:

ERRORS: Missing form label

This is fine but short of searching through all the page source, which is
shown after the page content, is there a way to quickly find the source HTML
leading to this error. As it stands now I know I can look for an input
entry in the HTML but was hoping there might be a faster way such as a
numbering scheme to say error 1 in the page text is error 1 in the HTML but
am not finding that.

Related to this, the same page flags 11 errors for 11 broken aria references
in the section where I can check what I want to view. There is then a
string of numbers from 1-11 immediately after this. This is not in the page
text but in the details section. Again short of searching through the page
source, how do I use these numbers to find the errors?

Any pointers are appreciated.

Thank you,