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From: Cheryl Kirkpatrick
Date: Nov 10, 2003 9:17AM

I normally recommend that if a text-only version of a Web site is
provided, the link should be in the upper left-hand portion of the
graphics version. A couple of years ago, this was recommended to me by a
blind user who pointed out that this would make the link be the first
encountered by his screen reader. That seems logical. I recognize that
screen readers have improved during the last couple of years and wonder
if it is still true that the text-only link should be in the upper
left-hand corner.

I recently worked with a library whose Web designer wanted to provide
the link at the bottom of the page because she thought it was visually
more appealing at the bottom. We decided to have a hidden link (white
font on white background) at the top with a visible link at the bottom.

Of course, I always point out that: