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Re: Associating Errors From Wave Plug-in to the HTML Source


From: Kelly Ford
Date: Dec 30, 2018 9:10AM


Here is what I'm hoping in some fashion will be possible.

1. I start reading through the waved-marked view of the web page with the
JAWS VPC mode on or the equivalent mode in NVDA, Narrator, VoiceOver or
other screen readers. To be clear, this is the text of the web page, not
the source.
2. I encounter indication of an error. This is where I would like a fast
way to jump to the relevant section of the page source.

I would agree 100% and more that most of the tools in this space are
difficult to use from an accessibility perspective. They require extensive
screen reader gymnastics to me.

One last item, would you consider marking up the source part of the wave
view of a web page with some landmark or other indication. Right now the
fastest way I've found to get to it is to use a screen reader's search
feature and search for the word code. BTW, I'm not sure what the link code
is supposed to do. Each time I activate it, Chrome stops responding.


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Kelly Ford wrote:

> Are the buttons supposed to be the graphics that get numbered starting
> at 1 up to how many items are listed for a given category?

The individual icons in the sidebar are not buttons - clicking them provides
a visual highlighting of the relevant location in the page, but making all
of these many icons into buttons would render the sidebar (and thus all of
WAVE) very difficult to use on most pages. I was instead referring to the
WAVE icons in the page itself.

> After you fix the fact that many items are tagged with alt text of 1,
> won't there still be an issue finding the right items in the code.

My hope is that by making the relevant area in the Code panel navigable that
this will make it much easier to find. You could activate the relevant icon
button within the page (for instance a missing alt text icon adjacent to the
site logo), then quickly navigate to the Code panel region and then Tab to
the appropriate element within the code for that icon (the HTML code for the
site logo).

We're working on a design and UX update to WAVE, so some of these
interactions will be changing. We're committed to ensuring that WAVE is
highly accessible and have received very positive feedback from screen
reader users (it's one of only a few accessibility testing tools that is
itself accessible), but understand that exploring the Code panel can be
rather difficult to do programmatically or with a keyboard.