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Re: Associating Errors From Wave Plug-in to the HTML Source


From: JP Jamous
Date: Dec 30, 2018 11:55AM


If you are using JFW, try switching to NVDA and try it. Sometimes, you get
either the browser or the screen reader crashing. This will help you
diagnose the problem since Jared is not able to duplicate it.


Is it possible to have the WAVE icon show up in the Chrome context menu or
is that a browser restriction? I like how in Firefox, I just press the
Applications key and the menu item is there. I dislike where Chrome
typically places its extension buttons. Not user friendly from a UX

Secondly, is it possible to have the WAVE extension results load in a new
browser tab? This can be quite convenient to switch between tabs using CTRL
+ Tab key, while inspecting the page using a DOM inspector. It can be more
productive based on my experience with WAVE.

Keep up the outstanding work with WAVE.

JP Jamous
Senior Digital Accessibility Engineer
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Kelly -

What you asked for is precisely what we're planning. The Code panel will
also be a region/landmark to allow quicker access to it.

I can't speak to Chrome not responding. I'm not able to duplicate that here.