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Re: text-only version


From: Stephanie Sullivan
Date: Nov 10, 2003 10:21AM

on 11/10/03 11:11 AM, Cheryl Kirkpatrick at <EMAIL REMOVED>
profoundly spewed forth their very articulate thoughts:

> I recently worked with a library whose Web designer wanted to provide
> the link at the bottom of the page because she thought it was visually
> more appealing at the bottom. We decided to have a hidden link (white
> font on white background) at the top with a visible link at the bottom.

I'm not big on text only pages as my opinion is that with CSS you can make
the page just as accessible. If I were going to provide a text only version
for some reason I'd likely provide a stylesheet switcher that would attach a
different CSS that would not include the images (set them not to show

That said, I would likely provide the link under the masthead as people
needing to know it's there need it to be rather obvious (I totally
understand your web designer not wanting to do that since if not worked into
the design properly it could be very distracting) ...

Lastly, I would NOT put the same color text on the same color background if
I were concerned about Search engines at all since that's one of the things
that will get you blacklisted... Read any of the search engine rules...

Stephanie Sullivan

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