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Re: accessible tables in Word?


From: Carol Foster
Date: Nov 10, 2003 11:44AM

Apologies if I was not clear: it is my understanding that 1194.22 applies to
documents posted on the Web, such as PDF or Word documents, if there is no
alternative format. If a Word document is intended to be accessible (for
instance if it is the only version of some essential content), then I would
interpret 1194.22 as applying to that document in that case. But I'm not a
lawyer! Please correct me if I am wrong!

Certainly there is a lot of discussion about making PDF's accessible, so this
seems to me to be the same sort of thing.

In my group, we are currently considering what is the most efficient way to make
some specific documents accessible. These documents are given to us as Word
docs, and we have been converting them to PDF, and sometimes to HTML. But then
we started to wonder if the Word documents themselves could be made accessible
(to the standard of 508, which is what we are currently aiming toward). It
looks to me as if some of the simpler Word docs can be, but not the ones with
data tables. As I have mentioned, I realize this is not the most accessible
solution, and I would prefer to see an accessible HTML version available if
resources and politics permit!


"Larry G. Hull" wrote:

> Carol,
> I've been following the discussion with interest.
> However, "Section 508's requirement to identify row and column
> headers." is from 1194.22 Web-based intranet and internet information
> and applications, specifically rule (g).
> While I personally accept that documents posted on the Web should
> either be accessible (HTML or ASCII) or have an accessible version
> posted, I hadn't previously heard or to my knowledge read that
> documents, here specifically Word documents with tables, are required
> to be Section 508 compliant, i.e., follow any specific set of rules.
> Perhaps I've missed something. Can you or someone else on the list
> point me to where this requirement can be found in Section 508?
> Thanks,
> Larry
> At 2:33 PM -0500 11/4/03, Carol Foster wrote:
> >Thanks to all who replied. It sounds to me like data tables in Word cannot
> >be made to comply with Section 508's requirement to identify row and column
> >headers. This is very helpful to know.
> >
> >Carol

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