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Re: RFP Boilerplate for Accessibility


From: glen walker
Date: Jan 28, 2019 10:41AM

> Remove 2y experience requirement for the auditor.

I'm curious why you would want to remove that requirement? Does that mean
you'd be comfortable with an auditor that's only worked in the area for a
few months?

Or should the "requirement" be changed to a "recommendation"? So maybe
changing "auditors with at least 2 years experience" to "prefer auditors
with at least 2 years experience".

Limit the scope to the applicable functions of the app (rather than the
> entire app).

Not sure I follow that. The entire app needs to be accessible.

The audit has to be done BEFORE the contract award.

How would that work? I thought the language in the RFP was to decide who
to award the contract to. Once the contract is awarded, then the
application is built, then it's tested. How could you audit something that
hasn't been written yet?

I like the language that the auditor can be involved in the whole
development process, especially the design end before any code is written,
but those skills might be beyond some auditor's skillsets. That is, some
auditors might be proficient in finding problems in existing apps but might
not be experienced in helping with design.