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Re: Native or web?


From: Patrick H. Lauke
Date: Jan 29, 2019 9:54AM

On 29/01/2019 16:42, glen walker wrote:
> Interestingly enough, if you search for "markup" in WCAG 2.1, only three SC
> have that phrase. Two of them are new SC:
> - 1.3.6 Identify Purpose (AAA)
> - 1.4.12 Text Spacing (AA) (which also mentions "text style properties",
> eg CSS)
> The only WCAG 2.0 SC that mentions "markup" is:
> - 4.1.1 Parsing (A)
> 4.1.1 is about as close to non-technology-agnostic as it comes because it
> mentions "start and end tags", "attributes", and "IDs".
> So Patrick is technically correct, but Joe is pretty correct too if you
> consider 75 of the 78 SC in WCAG 2.1 are technology agnostic (96%).

Am I also technically correct in saying that WCAG - the Web Content
Accessibility Guidelines - are meant to apply to "Web Content", and that
native apps are not necessarily "Web Content"? The same way that native
desktop apps also aren't "Web Content"? Sure, you can evaluate them
against those criteria (hence the existence of documents such as
https://www.w3.org/TR/wcag2ict/), but per se, WCAG isn't scoped to deal
with native applications

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