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A question about content editable attribute with screen readers in HTML


Date: Jan 30, 2019 6:20AM

Hello, I'm Hyongsop Kim in Korea and accessibility tester.
May I ask your help regarding smart editable content with accessibility issue?
In Korea one company developed smart editor based on block navigation with contenteditable attribute.
By the way, even if I type several lines within edit area, screen readers doesn't detect any text.
So in order to report this issue, I looked into Google Docs.
Because if I give similar cases, I think they will get clue more easily.
Of course Google Docs is not based on block navigation.
But if screen reader support is disabled, it also doesn't support screen reader that enable reads the text inside of editable area.
So I supposed that if I find the difference markup with HTML OR JS between screen reader support is enabled or not, it will have a clue to report to our developers to solve this problem.
But because Google docs source code is too complicated, I can't find how difference between screen reader support is enabled and not.
So below is my question.
If screen readers, like NVDA, can't read the contents of editable area, how to fix the problem that let screen readers enables the text?
In Google Docs, why screen readers can't detect text while screen reader support is disabled?
If you share the knowledge, it will be a lot of helpful to improve our Korean smart editor accessibility issues.

Thank you.