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Re: A question about content editable attribute with screen readers in HTML


From: Jim Allan
Date: Jan 30, 2019 8:00AM

see https://hongkiat.github.io/html5-editable-content/ I tried it in Chrome
with NVDA and it works fine. Perhaps this will help.
can you send a link to the page you were taking about so we can try to
duplicate the problems you are having?


On Wed, Jan 30, 2019 at 7:20 AM 김형섭 < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:

> Hello, I'm Hyongsop Kim in Korea and accessibility tester.
> May I ask your help regarding smart editable content with accessibility
> issue?
> In Korea one company developed smart editor based on block navigation with
> contenteditable attribute.
> By the way, even if I type several lines within edit area, screen readers
> doesn't detect any text.
> So in order to report this issue, I looked into Google Docs.
> Because if I give similar cases, I think they will get clue more easily.
> Of course Google Docs is not based on block navigation.
> But if screen reader support is disabled, it also doesn't support screen
> reader that enable reads the text inside of editable area.
> So I supposed that if I find the difference markup with HTML OR JS between
> screen reader support is enabled or not, it will have a clue to report to
> our developers to solve this problem.
> But because Google docs source code is too complicated, I can't find how
> difference between screen reader support is enabled and not.
> So below is my question.
> If screen readers, like NVDA, can't read the contents of editable area,
> how to fix the problem that let screen readers enables the text?
> In Google Docs, why screen readers can't detect text while screen reader
> support is disabled?
> If you share the knowledge, it will be a lot of helpful to improve our
> Korean smart editor accessibility issues.
> Thank you.
> > > > >

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