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Re: Footnotes


From: glen walker
Date: Feb 12, 2019 9:05AM

I was about to post this right before Jared responded. It's essentially
the same thing I said in
https://webaim.org/discussion/mail_thread?thread=8907#post13 (which I had
forgotten I said last year :-)). Thanks for the archive link, Jared.

Here's a nice article on creating accessible footnotes,
https://www.sitepoint.com/accessible-footnotes-css/ .

The footnote superscript links to the bottom of the page which has a list
of footnotes and each footnote itself has a return link to go back.

I also have an example where one footnote is referenced by several places
on the page and I use some simple javascript to adjust the return link to
go back to the right place. I can post that if wanted. Just need to clean
it up an anonymize it.