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Call for Participation - A National Forum on Principles of Accessibility and Inclusion for the Design of Library System


From: Dr. Micah Altman
Date: Feb 22, 2019 12:15PM

The MIT Center for Research on Equitable and Open Scholarship (CREOS) is
proud to host A National Forum on Principles of Accessibility and
Inclusion for the Design of Library Systems -- focusing on the role of
library information systems and information architecture in supporting
diverse communities to discover, access, create, and learn from library
collections in support of library services in the United States. This
one-and-a-half-day event, funded by the Institute of Museum of Library
Services will convene approximately 25 librarians, scholars, and
technologists with the aim of identifying high-impact design principles and
potential next steps for libraries that adopt and deploy these systems, and
for the software architects that design them.

The forum event will take place on the campus of MIT, in Cambridge,
Massachusetts from April 11-12, 2019. Our grant funds will cover
participant travel costs, meals during the event, and lodging. We seek to
learn from and build on current ideas from those working and thinking in
and around the topics of information systems design, accessibility, and
inclusion -- especially in the areas of principles of design for
difference/universal design, adaptations for users physical and cognitive
disabilities and need;adaptation for neurodiverse user communities;
accessibility by users in the global south; and application of new
technologies to enrich individual and social access to library collections
both digital and tangible. If you are actively working in the design,
implementation, or use of library systems in these areas we especially want
to hear from you. (And while space in the physical workshop is limited, we
have planned other opportunities for comment and input. So please let us
know if you are interested in commenting in this area even if you do not
wish to attend.)

The workshop will be a small, active working event -- focused on
identifying principles, practices, standards, and research that will inform
a draft report for public comment. The expected outcome is a white paper a
informed by this workshop that will characterize major barriers in design
and systems implementation that inhibit inclusion and adaptation; to
identify high-impact design principles for universal/adaptive information
systems that are accepted or emerging in the broader community; describe
existing approaches and methods for applying these principles to library
information systems; and for the architects and developers that that create
these systems, and for libraries that adopt , adapted, and deploy these
systems, .

To apply, please email the project co-director < <EMAIL REMOVED> > to state
your interest in participating in this event, and to briefly describe the
perspective you would bring to the workshop. A limited pool of resources
for domestic travel support is available for those who require it to
attend. The call for participation will be open until March 1st. Our
project team will then review the applications and respond by March 5 .

We are working to create a culture of diversity, inclusivity, and
accessibility throughout the duration of the project and especially during
the forum event. We strongly encourage applications from those who identify
with traditionally underrepresented or marginalized populations.
For questions or feedback, please contact Project Co-Director, Micah
Altman. < <EMAIL REMOVED> >
We look forward to reading your application.
Micah Altman

Writing on behalf of the program committee,

Micah Altman & Chris Bourg -- MIT
Sari Altschuler, Julia Flanders & Amanda Rust -- Northeastern University
David Weimer -- Harvard University

Micah Altman, Ph.D. Senior Research Scientist, Institute for
Quantitative Social Science
Archival Director, Henry A. Murray Research Archive
Contact info, etc.: http://redistricting.info/
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