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Re: Advanced Degrees in Accessibility


From: Karlen Communications
Date: Feb 22, 2019 1:43PM

Great question!

I'm looking for a university with an online PhD from Portfolio in North
America but I think they are all in Europe or the UK? Is there a one stop
website with information on post graduate studies like this? If not, maybe
one would be helpful?

I am looking at opportunities in Europe and the UK for an online PhD from
Portfolio. Do they exist anywhere else in the world?

Cheers, Karen

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Looking for information on programs for advanced degrees (post-bac
Certificate, Master's, or PhD) in accessibility - whether it's ICT-related
or the built environment. The Univ. of Salford (UK) used to have one but it
doesn't seem. A university in Barcelona seems to have one (in Spanish,

I'm open to either online programs or in-person (though I'm not sure if any
of my second languages are strong enough to study in a non-English
university setting).


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