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Re: Inactive controls, focus behaviour


From: Patrick H. Lauke
Date: Feb 25, 2019 3:59AM

On 25/02/2019 10:34, Isabel Holdsworth wrote:
> Accessibility experts are divided on the subject of whether disabled
> components should remain in the tab order. Personally, on balance, I
> think that disabling a component should make it unfocusable and remove
> it from the tab order. But this issue of breaking consistency is an
> interesting one, and it would be great to read other people's
> thoughts.

As probably said previously, to me as a sighted user, seeing controls
that are disabled still gives me hints/information that those
options/controls are there and that there are situations where I may be
able to use them (a la "presumably, depending on other choices I make in
this form, I can also activate X"). However, this additional information
is not always very helpful/relevant.

So it's a contextually dependent judgement call, really.

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