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Re: Accessible P Tag Usage


From: Mallory
Date: Mar 20, 2019 6:14AM

When I audit, I may make a note or warning (not a violation) if divs are used instead of paragraphs for what looks like paragraphs.
Two reasons:
1. some AT can use <p> tags for navigation (again, this is a Low-prio thing)
2. The new Text Spacing for some reason decided to specify paragraphs. Why it didn't say "blocks of text" like 1.4.8 talks about, I dunno.
As a user, making a difference between "blocks of text" vs "Spacing following paragraphs to at least 2 times the font size" seems silly: either you care about what I see as a bunch of text or not.
As an auditor, I feel free to be as draconian as I want, since we don't waste too much time on "compliance-only" customers. We put the effort into the ones who want their stuff to work best. We tell the latter group that it's best to use paragraph tags for paragraphs. The former group doesn't care either way and would build everything out of aria-foo'd div soup if they could get away with it, which legally they usually can. Don't waste hair loss on those.