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Re: Form elements


From: Khoa Pham
Date: Mar 20, 2019 5:06PM

In scenarios where an input text field is embedded in the question sentence, such as fill in the blank, or is at the end of a question. What would be recommended as a label for the first embedded scenario and the scenario where an answer required after a question, examples below.

Scenario 1:
The ___ has black and white stripes.

Scenario 2:
What color is a turtle? ____

How would you recommend these be label and which html or aria element would be best for them?

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It still requires a label.
A label, aria-label or aria-labelledby (as well as the title
attribute) translate to the element's "accessible name".
The contents of elements referenced with aria-describedby however map to the element's "accessible description".
Assistive technologies know that the accessible name is not optional, it should always be displayed or announced when the element receives focus. The accessible description, however, is a bit optional, configurable and, in some situations, may not even be announced at all.
An interactive element must always have an accessible name, but does not always need an accessible description unless the situation calls for it (e.g. tooltip instructions or an error message).

On 3/20/19, Khoa Pham < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> Is having an aria-describedby sufficient for a form element to be
> considered accessible in place of a HTML label, aria-label, or aria-labelledby?
> Accessibility checkers tend to flag a form element as not having a
> proper label when it only has aria-describedby affiliated to it even
> though there are text around the form element. Or would the form
> element still require a label?
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