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Re: Teaching Web Accessibility to Disabled Students


From: holly marie
Date: Nov 18, 2003 6:44AM

From: "Kynn Bartlett"

> http://access.idyllmtn.com/d201/sample/hands-on.html

> For example, "Take this broken page
> which doesn't have ALT text, and provide the appropriate ALT (and
> LONGDESC if necessary)."

Enumerate and Give a description of those images they are to , a lengthy
description of the image in transcript or audio format and have them
give a concise or shortened description.
Unfortunately, you give some of the answer, too... or you could require
they come up with an adequate description or variation for the image

> Or, "Here's a page with crummy color contrast. How would you fix
> it?" The students complete these exercises and upload them for

Will color contrast algorithms work or help?

or this tool, input the hex or decimal background and foreground
colors... get these calculated and get an example(for those that do
see)... is it accessible for blind users?
Can a version of this be made to be accessible?

also found mentioned in a Web Aim message...

You might also try the NFB Blind Web designers group

Another possibility is the Blind Linux Users group. I know of at least
one web designer also on that group, who uses color and images when
designing websites.


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