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Re: Something About Formatting Word Docs Feels Wrong For Whatever Reason


From: Jim Homme
Date: Apr 24, 2019 2:54PM

Possibly a dumb question on my part, Duff: If you implement ARIA roles, how will you make them so that someone can debug them visually? And will some accessibility tags make ARIA happen automatically? The only example I can think of at the end of the day is a form region for a form.





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Hi Karen,

> Agreed, I don't want everything mapped to HTML. We need to recognize that different types of documents/content may have different structural elements and capabilities.

Ahhhh. So you want to open THAT can of worms, eh??

Let's not.

> Will there be a <Subtitle> Tag as well? This too is long over due!

That subject was hotly debated… and at this point there''s no plan for a <Subtitle> structure element... but there IS a plan to explicitly integrate ARIA roles (as is already permitted in PDF 2.0). Additionally, the namespaces mechanism in PDF 2.0 opens the door to any (in principle) semantic markup model. The format isn't the hangup here.