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Are ambiguous links awful even when there's surrounding context?


From: Isabel Holdsworth
Date: Apr 26, 2019 7:57AM

If the "View more" link is in a paragraph of its own, which they often
are, then it will constitute a WCAG2 fail because the link isn't in
the same context as its surrounding content.

Hope this helps.

On 02/04/2019, Maupin, Brennan Polaris McCaffrey - maupinbp
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> I am new to this so take my opinion for what it is worth, but if I am
> correct, if there is surrounding text that provides context, it is AA
> compliant. I am aware that you cannot use guidelines to pass/fail something;
> however, it is useful that in a couple of their advisory techniques w3c
> gives specific examples of unclear (out of context) links in enclosed lists
> preceded by descriptive headings.
> I was actually pretty surprised that this was this was passing criterion. I
> have always heard it is best practice to use descripting link text for the
> links-list-view on screen readers. That looks like it is AAA criterion,
> however.
> -Brennan Maupin
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> Subject: [WebAIM] Are ambiguous links awful even when there's surrounding
> context?
> Background: we're trying to prioritize problems in a third-party application
> where remediation can be expensive. To say the least.
> I am aware that when there's *only* a "view more" link, it's not helpful,
> but what about when that link is in a list alongside related links? For
> instance, we have a list of facets. Within the "author" section, there are
> 10 or so linked names followed by a "View more" link. Then there's another
> section for Subjects, etc. Each section is under an h2-level heading, and
> each list of links is within an unordered list tag (ul).
> I'm aware this isn't ideal, but are we looking at a AA failure?
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