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Re: Sections and links on collapsable menu


From: Isabel Holdsworth
Date: Apr 30, 2019 5:59AM

Hi Raúl,

If the links are to additional resources, what's the element that
loads content into the video player, and where does it fit in the menu

Is the menu vertical or horizontal?

If it's vertical then you might be able to mark it up as an accordion,
with each section being a button wrapped in a heading. When the button
is clicked, its branch is opened or closed.

Here's an implementation of an accordion that you could copy and
change to suit what you need. This one has only one branch open at a
time, but you could have as many as you want open I guess.


Cheers - hope this helps.


On 30/04/2019, Raúl Martín < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> I am sure this question has been answered, but I didn't find it in the
> threads.
> I am working in the creation of a menu that is not the main menu of the
> webpage.
> This menu allows the user to load content on a video player next to this
> menu.
> This menu has to levels: section and content.
> I am debating my self in a simple structure with list element and
> aria-expanded. And adding a title in the top that clarifies the block.
> Currently, we are using 'role="tab"' for the sections and 'role="link"' for
> the internal elements. And currently, we don't support navigation between
> tabs using the keyboard arrows. So the role tab is referring to the list of
> links an not the element that load content in the player. As well more than
> one section can be open.
> Another complication is that the link levels show you the link to
> additional resources.
> Any thoughts?
> Examples you consider well done with this or a similar structure?
> > > > >