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guidance on headings hierarchy


From: Catherine Roy
Date: May 16, 2019 2:17PM

Hello all,

Looking for a little guidance on headings hierarchy. Unfortunately, I am
not at liberty to share the page that I'm going to describe.

I have a main content and a left column with some menu items.

For the main content, I have a heading that basically repeats the title
of the page. Followed by a few paragraphs of explanatory text for the
initiative in question. After which, a couple more headings to introduce
a dashboard and some project partners.

In the left column, I have two headings that introduce some links like a
menu. So, originally, this is the structure I had set up:

For the main content

The first heading is a H1 (title of the initiative), the second heading
is an H2 (Results to date for the dashboard) and the third heading is an
H2 (Our partners) as well.


HA Initiative (H1)
Results to date (H2)
Our partners (H2)

In the left column, the two headings (Resources & Latest updates) that
introduce links are both H3.


Resources (H3)
Latest updates (H3)

My problem is that the page originally had the logo in the left top
corner as an H1.

And from my understanding, although it's not compulsory, it's always
best to have just one H1 in the page.

What is best practice here? Personally I would prefer that the logo not
be a heading at all but simply an image with an alt text. But I know
that some people have no problem with having more than one H1 in the
same page.

How would you structure your hierarchy with this content?



Catherine Roy