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Re: 508 chapter 3 and non-WCAG keyboard issues


From: Patrick H. Lauke
Date: May 27, 2019 2:33AM

On 27/05/2019 09:28, Michael Hanton wrote:

> I'm wondering, for keyboard issues that do not fail WCAG 2.0 but are nevertheless accessibility barriers, should these be called out in a VPAT under Chapter 3? Specifically, under 302.7 With Limited Manipulation?
> For example, Where you have an index, Table of Contents, or carousel that contains hundreds of links that you would need to TAB through to get to the following content. This doesn't fail any WCAG 2.0 SC (as far as I can see) but it is a major barrier for keyboard users. Does it therefore contravene Section 508 302.7 With Limited Manipulation which says: "Where a manual mode of operation is provided, ICT shall provide at least one mode of operation that does not require fine motor control or operation of more than one control at the same time."? That seems to be a catch-all clause requiring accessibility for non-mouse users.

While annoying, tabbing through hundreds of links does not "require fine
motor control" (doesn't *require*, say, use of a mouse...yes, it's a
right pain for pure keyboard users, but they do get to activate the
right link when they reach it in the end), nor the use of "more than one
control at the same time".

So strictly no, I wouldn't say you can just interpret this as a
catch-all for what is, in the end, a usability problem for keyboard
users. However, you can feel free to "Pass", but still add a note, in
the Accessibility Conformance Report.

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