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Re: Selecting general color themes


From: Kimputer@aol.com
Date: Nov 22, 2003 7:40AM

Others have mentioned having the same difficulty with colors that I have,
that is, not being able to tell the difference between colors with low contrast,
such as between navy blue and black. I would like to be able to call up blue
colors, green colors, etc., and have a complete list of them and especially the
reverse, enter a color code I've selected from a color palette and have the
color name/description listed.

Recently I created a web page which I thought was using shades of blue, only
to be asked why I chose a grayish-green color scheme. Most of the time, I
select colors I think I want to use, then have someone else verify that the colors
are what I think they are before continuing with the project. The color web
sites I've looked at don't specifically seem to d