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Re: Dreamweaver Check In/Check Out System


From: Chris Lewis
Date: Dec 5, 2003 1:42AM

I'm not sure about how well Check In/Check Out works in practice, but I did very
briefly look into DreamWeaver shortly after version 1 came out.

Whilst it has some nice accessibility features, there were two problems which
prevented me from recommending it as a general solution:

- the indentation buttons on the toolbar used the BLOCKQUOTE element to provide
- there was no way for users to mark up changes in natural language from the
Contribute interface.

As we're a bilingual site, and marking up language is a priority 1 WCAG
checkpoint, this made it very difficult to recommend. The situation might have
changed since Contribute was upgraded to version 2, though.


Chris Lewis
Web Accessibility Officer
Cardiff University

>>> <EMAIL REMOVED> 04/12/2003 17:00:27 >>>
This is more of a web management vs. accessibility question, but I know
there are a lot of Dreamweaver users aout there who may have some

Are there any Dreamweaver users implementing the Check In/Check Out
system? Our college has a committee of about a dozen webmasters from
different departments and sometimes multiple people manage the same
page(s) and sometimes accidentally overwrite someone else's recent

Just curious if Check In/Check Out is a slick solution to force
webmasters to always use the current copy from the server instead of
their local machine . . . or if it's caused any problems.

I also will be evaluating Contribute as a possible solution, but haven't
had time to install and play with it yet. I would be interested in
opinions of folks using Contribute, too.

Thanks, Jill
Jill Lenz
CVMBS Dean's Office
Instructional Technology
Office Physiology 109, Lab Physiology 101
Colorado State University

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