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looking for a working example of a table with multiple levels of column headers


From: Don Raikes
Date: Aug 13, 2019 9:11PM


I am trying to put together an example page for some co-workers on how to properly handle/code an html table which has two levels of column headers.

The table in question consists of two years of financial data.

The first column tells what kind of data (expenses, income etc), the next four columns are for year 1, and the next four columns are for year 2.

I tried using IDs and headers to associate the column headers with the data cells but when I do that the page simply doesn't show the table at all.

How should this be coded so a screenreader will read the year, the quarter, then the value as one moves across the columns.

Any suggestions would be appreciated

--snippet -




<th colspan="2">2017</th>

<th colspan="2">2018</th>




<th>1st 6 months</th>

<th>Last 6 months</th>

<th>1st 6 months</th>

<th>last 6 months</th>











Thanks, Donald

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