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Re: Hiding inaccessible charts from screen readers?


From: Greg Jellin
Date: Aug 23, 2019 2:15PM

Thanks Jonathan, We intend to hide the chart from AT using aria-hidden.
We won't be doing any detection or hiding the chart visually.


On 8/23/2019 12:03 PM, Jonathan Avila wrote:
> HI Greg,, I'm not sure how you intend to hide the chart from screen reader users -- but I'd recommend not trying to detect a screen reader and then hiding the chart visually as there are a lot of people with low vision and other disabilities who may want the visual chart and need the table of data.
> Jonathan
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> Happy Friday Everyone,
> I'm seeking opinions on the best practice for a page that has an inaccessible graphical chart with an accessible tabular version of the data below it. Would it be better to hide the inaccessible graphic from SR users so that they go straight to the accessible table, or should the inaccessible graphic remain as it is by default with a link just above it to the accessible table?
> Appreciate your feedback!
> Greg
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