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From: Abby Kingman
Date: Aug 30, 2019 6:31AM

Hi all,

I'd love to get feedback on a tabpanel / carousel component that we have in
the works. Despite my reservations, this was pitched to the client and they
liked it :-(

Here is a link to a quick proof-of-concept prototype:
FWIW, the link is to our full design system, but at this time just this
particular component is in play.

It works pretty much as I had surmised it would, once I keyboard navigate
through the image and quote in the first panel, and then enter the
navigation, I am not able to move across the navigation but cannot figure
out how to access the content in subequent panels.

If they could put focus on the link when the button is pressed, that would
work for keyboard users, but screen reader users would not get to the
image. Perhaps for this particular application that is OK because the
images will just be headshots. But, in some cases it may be a group of
people or a location.

Looking forward to any thoughts / feedback / suggestions!

Abby Kingman, CPACC

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