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Turning in/off inaccessible feature


From: Alan Zaitchik
Date: Sep 13, 2019 2:06PM

I was asked about a complicated grid that becomes inaccessible when the leftmost column is "pinned" to the margin. This pinning is very important for sighted users due to the number of columns in the grid and the horizontal scrolling that is needed. But for reasons that i cannot go into here, pinning the column prevents the cells in that column from functioning as row headers. The grid is very large and needs row headers to be comprehensible— for the very same reason sighted users need to pin the leftmost column!
If we place a button on the page that controls the pinning (and thus the accessibility) does anyone have a problem with that? It seems to me that under the circumstances the burden is a single button click for someone, either to turn on or turn off the pinning — probably, given the numbers, to turn it off— but no more than that. Yet some on our team feel this might be considered unequal access.
Any thoughts?