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The Bologna Declaration from the August 2019 AAATE Conference


From: Karlen Communications
Date: Sep 24, 2019 6:55AM

This is an annual conference held in Europe and the UK. I thought some might
be interested in their initiative around making sure that those of us with
disabilities have access to high quality adaptive technology. The following
is from the GATE list announcing the Bologna Declaration:

I'm happy to update you on the outcomes of the High Level Meeting
<https://aaate2019.eu/pre-conference-events/> which was held on the 27th of
August in Bologna, Italy, the day before the 15th AAATE Conference.

During the meeting representatives of different stake holding organisations
discussed strategies to Unlock Human Potential by make AT largely available
and accessible at global and local scale.

Participants represented international organisations, such as the WHO and
the European Commission, national and local authorities, end user
representing organisations, service providers, professional organisations,
industry and academia from different parts in the world. The meeting that
took place in the ceremonial atmosphere of the old library of the University
of Bologna, was concluded by the presentation of "The Bologna Declaration
<https://aaate.net/the-bologna-declaration/> ". The Declaration is a short
but powerful and inspiring policy document that calls upon action and also
indicates the direction to go. It was written as a common effort by the
delegates participating in the Meeting and it thus represents a common
ground of understanding for those interested in AT uptake, able to impact on
agenda's and programmes at all levels.


Thanks in advance and best wishes,

Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf

Secretary General of AAATE

Thank you for your mail and contribution.
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