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Lynx and imagemaps


From: Joe Clark
Date: Dec 19, 2003 7:00AM

>I haven't used Lynx

then you shouldn't be speculating.

>but if Opera's text-only mode is representative of Lynx, then image
>maps are not visible to Lynx users at all other than perhaps the alt
>text of the image as a whole.

False. Imagemaps are fully usable, and alt texts are given. Even an
imagemap with no alt texts can be used.

Merely as an example, the tiny imagemap at the top of
<http://joeclark.org/>; looks like this in Lynx:

[9]Joe Clark: Accessibility | Design | Writing

which is a selectable link that, when activated, produces:

[Joe Clark: Accessibility | Design | Writing]

MAP: http://joeclark.org/#joeclark_angie_02IX_Map

* [1]Journalism, articles, book
* [2]Graphic and industrial design
* [3]Media access (captioning, Web accessibility, etc.)

Those are also selectable links. The alt texts are in all cases
shown. (In the latter screen, Lynx uses the title attribute of the
original image. Lynx can display title in some cases.)

Joe Clark | <EMAIL REMOVED> | <http://joeclark.org/access/>;
Author, _Building Accessible Websites_ | <http://joeclark.org/book/>;
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