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Accessibility of audio narration in PPT


From: Elizabeth Thomas
Date: Sep 30, 2019 9:33AM

Good morning,

Because this question is sort of long, I put the questions in the beginning
and the details at the end, in case you don't want to read a really long
email. ;)

My questions for the group are:

1. Currently, how accessible are embedded audio files in a PPT?
Specifically, are the files device-independent? Do they work with screen
2. For a PPT file with audio narration (embedded audio on each slide),
what is the best way to make it accessible? We are planning on providing a
transcript in a separate file and in the notes section of each PPT slide,
but is there anything I else I should do? Is there a better way? We're
trying to avoid creating a separate version that is a video file with
captions, because I try to avoid separate versions as much as possible.
However, if this is the best solution then we will do that.

*Long, detailed version*
One of my colleagues has a PowerPoint presentation to which his office is
adding audio narration. The audio will be added using the "Insert audio"
option in PowerPoint. Essentially, each slide will have an embedded audio
file that includes the narration for just that slide. For various reasons,
the file is going to be posted as a PowerPoint file, not a video file with
captions. However, they are also going to post a transcript file which will
contain all of the content from the audio narration. They are also going to
put the content from the audio narration in the notes section of each
slide. We will most likely add a slide to the beginning of the PPT (right
after the cover slide) that lets users know that the transcript to the
audio files is contained in the notes section.

Is this the best solution? Is there a better way?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

-Elizabeth Thomas