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Website Accessibility for non experts - Main things to look at


From: Claudia Burdisso
Date: Nov 24, 2019 9:32AM

Good Morning Group,

I'm working on a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of Website
Accessibility for State Agencies that work with minority groups and
immigrants. My area of expertise is document accessibility but not website,
so I could use your help.

What are some key elements that a person that is not experienced in
Accessibility should look at in their websites to see if they are being
"complaint" or not?
I understand that Accessibility is a continuum and not an absolute,
therefore is there a list of steps easy to understand or to follow in order
for them to see whether they are in a good path or not without consulting
an expert.

My goal is to raise awareness and give them the tools to realize the
importance of it, to see the basic and then of course, leave it to the
experts to do the actual assessment and work.

Thank you for your help!