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Re: 200% website scaling


From: glen walker
Date: Nov 29, 2019 10:40AM

One of the great (and aggravating) things about accessibility is that some
issues are subjective.

> Not really. It's a display setting, not an accessibility setting.

As mentioned in my reply. "Make everything bigger" (scaling) is the "Ease
of Access" settings. Those are accessibility settings.

> Let's not confuse the matter by talking about reflow, which has nothing
to do with 1.4.4

Sure it does. You even said so yourself when you said "At any possible
viewport size, a user should be able to resize text up to 200% without
adverse effects (things being cut off, overlapping...".

If the page does not reflow properly, that can cause "things being cut off"
or "overlapping". I didn't say that 1.4.4 was *only* about reflow, but if
you don't reflow properly, you can cause 1.4.4 issues.

And since we don't know what "not usable" means in the original question, I
qualified by reply by saying it *could* be a 1.4.4 issue but without
further info, I can't say for sure.