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Re: Color information


From: Stephanie Sullivan
Date: Jan 15, 2004 9:35AM

on 1/15/04 9:20 AM, <EMAIL REMOVED> at
<EMAIL REMOVED> profoundly spewed forth their very articulate

> A couple of months ago, someone posted to this discussion notice of a web
> page that has many color resources on it such as color pickers,
> color-blindness viewers, etc. Is that person still on this forum? Do you
> remember the link? For some reason, I think it was a page on a US university
> web site.

I'm not sure which you're referring to from the past... but I do a free
tech/web newsletter for Community MX ... yesterday I included a link for
Vischeck's webpage and image check... It says it will simulate three
different types of color blindness. Might be worth a look -

Stephanie Sullivan

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