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Re: Color information


From: Stephanie Sullivan
Date: Jan 15, 2004 10:37AM

on 1/15/04 11:31 AM, <EMAIL REMOVED> at
<EMAIL REMOVED> profoundly spewed forth their very articulate

> I have tried Color Remix at
> http://color.twysted.net and it is not bad. However, if there are any others
> out there, I would like to know about them. Although my question is not
> related specifically to accessibility, the post that I can't seem to find in
> the archives, talks about a variety of color tools including color mixers
> and color-blindness checking.

Julian, what platform are you on? If it's OSX, I have a friend that made a
great little color tool called i4colour... It will do blends and also
suggest color contrasts... It is not made for colorblindness specifically.
It's just a color tool. If it's Windows, I'm ignorant. ;0)

The only post I could find in my archives about color "stuff" says this:

"Here is a tool a found to this topic!

I have found many links to this topic and whcih I have posted them in my
forum here:
31c25eda43 "

If that isn't it, it must have happened before I joined this list or is in a
thread having nothing to do with color... I'm an email packrat. ;)

Stephanie Sullivan

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