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Re: [EXTERNAL] Breadcumb nav same page accessibility


From: glen walker
Date: Dec 15, 2019 5:45PM

For me, it comes down to whether you are styling things differently for the
last breadcrumb item. If so, then whatever is different about that last
element should also be conveyed to other users. Whether that's through
aria-current or visually-hidden text or whatever. And whether you cite the
issue as 4.1.2 or something else doesn't matter to me as long as the
problem gets fixed. I can't say whether marking the last element in a
breadcrumb is a trivial issue for all users but if the designer/developer
decided to make it different, tell all users about it.

If all the elements look the same (all links), then sighted users can
easily see it's the last item in the list. Screen reader users will
usually hear "list of X items" (if the breadcrumb is contained in a list)
but not all screen readers will say it's the Nth item in the list so the
user would have to mentally track where they are in the list if they want
to know how far down the breadcrumb list they are. Having the last item
with aria-current is a nice "end of the line" indicator.